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Mobility Division

Mobility division is designing sensor architectures and developing software platforms
(Localization, Perception, Prediction, Planning, Control, HMI) for competitive autonomous vehicles.
In addition, we are independently developing and supplying autonomous vehicle sensor data logging system equipment and software.
Through this, we are carrying out autonomous driving paid transportation service and private business,
and we are in the process of business planning and technology development through MOU with partners.

  • Insight-VSB

    Real-time data logging using in-vehicle data and storing Processor

  • QSCE-Series

    Embedded controller that calculates autonomous driving algorithms in real time

  • CCU

    Connected Control Unit that links external vehicle information (V2X, LDM) and autonomous driving platform

  • HMS

    Controller for integrating autonomous driving perception sensor information and interworking with the autonomous driving platform

  • HD Map

    Camera-based HD Map development solution(Open drive format)