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Smart division

Demand for AVM, IVI, and T/M is rapidly increasing due to automotive electronics,
Smart division has the core SW technology that goes into this.


Development of IVI system applying driver-oriented HMI based on experience in developing various platforms

Developed various vehicle interface, multimedia, connectivity, etc.

  • Car Play function development and certification

    Android Auto development and certification

    Accumulation of know through many years of development experience

    Development of application programs that satisfy customer needs

  • European and North American DAB service development

    Development of AM/FM radio service based on various platforms

    Development of domestic DMB service

  • AVN

  • AVM, Telematics

    Providing various services such as parking assistance system for customer safety, location information combining vehicle-to-vehicle communication and GPS technology, and safe driving

  • AVM (Around View Monitoring)

    AVM image generation technology
    - Unique omnidirectional image generation technology for parking support

    Parking line detection technology for finding parking spaces and obstacles

    Parking guideline creation technology
    - Apply Ackermann steering geometry technique

  • Telematics

    AUTOSAR Integration / Coding and Maintenance

    Creation of SPI, FBL work space