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Founded in April 2005, SWM has grown into a global company leading the 4th industrial revolution,
such as autonomous driving and artificial intelligence, by continuously introducing innovation and new technologies.
As a result, we have a cooperative relationship with not only domestic large companies
but also global IT companies in the field of autonomous driving technology, and have been recognized
for our unrivaled technological prowess in the field of integrating various sensors, electronic components, and system software.

Currently, we are diversifying our business areas such as autonomous vehicles, electric bus software and hardware, electronic products, and infotainment.
In addition, it was recognized as a public transportation system demonstration technology by launching its own autonomous vehicle system, Armstrong™.

We ask for your interest and support for the challenge toward the dreamed future as we prepare for the era of autonomous driving. thank you.

CEO of SWM, Kim Kihyuk

Symbol & Concept

By expressing a future-oriented and cutting-edge image,
it contains the will to become a leading company in the autonomous vehicle industry.
With this meaning, the CI was formed by the combination of the road shape and the line,
and the identity was visualized by using the blue color that symbolizes safety.

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CEO’s history

  • 05 ~

    CEO of SWM

  • 04 ~ 05

    Sungwoo telecommunication

  • 04 ~ 04


  • 03 ~ 04

    Teleca Korea

  • 99 ~ 03

    Appeal Telecom

  • ~ 99

    Bachelor of Electronic Engineering, Ajou University

CEO’s awards

  • 19

    Presidential Citation (Company)

  • 19

    Commissioner of the Korean Intellectual Property Office Citation

  • 18

    Presidential Citation

  • 14

    Prime minister Citation

  • 13

    Minister of Security and Public Administration Citation